The Dead of Winter is the epic sequel to Harvest of Ruin. The tale begins where Harvest of Ruin left off: barely a week has passed since the infection swept the country turning people into the ravenous dead.

In New York, Tim DeMott, along with his friend Bjorn and their families have been forced to flee the warehouse they had sheltered in since the start. Cast out into the unknown at night, they face an uncertain future.

Jen and Will, having escaped from congested New Jersey, encounter the families on the road after a harrowing flight from a massive horde of zombies.

The two groups reluctantly move together in search of safety.

In Colorado, the survivors living in the small town of Donner nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, are able to make preparations. Their isolation allowed them to prepare for the coming of the dead, but they aren't prepared for an assault by an organized force of marauders.

The Dead of Winter follows a broad swath of survivors as they seek shelter or make their way across a devastated landscape filled with undead.

As the deep cold of winter sets in as everyone struggles to survive.