“The Fate of Princess Baoding in Trilogy One” is the first trilogy by author Haige Huang to describe a modern love story in Chinese society. Baoding “princess” is the beautiful daughter of a wealthy businessman who is also a control freak. Her father wants to make full use of her beauty like an asset chain to execute control over the future son-in-law and business successor. On the other hand, a number of candidate successors not only want to marry this beautiful “princess” but also gain a foothold in her father’s vast financial conglomerate. The infighting between the father and the candidates makes the princess very painful as she is well aware of the purpose of both sides. After she fell in love with a “stupid” young man who she initially disliked, she defied her father’s will to stay with the hillbilly and rejected all his hand-pick candidates. Her pursuit of personal freedom of love harms the interests of both the father and the candidates. An inevitable fight became eminent and could cost everything they all hold dear.